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01-10-2013, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
Apparently it's 100% about pride and your man crush on Callahan. I'm not trying to take a shot at you; I love Callahan. Why do you think my username is MPF24? I wear a Cally jersey to every game. I'm simply saying you're being blinded by your love of the captain. Besides anything else, it's been explained every single time the discussion of whether Callahan is the best fit for the Boyle/Pyatt line that Callahan would still receive MUCH MORE overall ice time than Kreider or Hagelin because he would be a #1 option on every PP and PK and be that guy you throw on the ice down a goal, when you take Kreider off of Nash's line in the last 10 minutes, or when you're defending a lead with the faceoff in your own end and you want Richards, Nash and Callahan, or any number of other possibilities. No one is advocating for Kreider being given a bigger ROLE than Callahan. We're talking about playing players where they make the most sense.

You have Richards, Stepan, Nash and Gaborik all guaranteed spots leaving two spaces for Hagelin, Kreider and Callahan. Of those three, all can play top six but Callahan plays bottom six FAR, FAR better than anyone else. It;s a testament to how good he is. The point though, is that putting Kreider in the bottom six minimalizes everything special about Kreider and just turns him into a serviceable body on the third line. With Callahan that is not so. No one is talking about giving Kreider a bigger role. We're talking about playing Kreider with talented players and Callahan with a shutdown line because BOTH players can succeed in that situation, rather than putting Kreider in a position to fail. Callahan would still be one of, if not the highest forward in TOI in this scenario, he would just get it in different ways, by playing a frequently shifted shutdown role at ES, double shifting wherever Torts wants him, playing in special circumstances like joining the Nash or Gaborik line when down a goal in the third or for defensive situations, heavy PP minutes and top PK duties. That's a much, much larger role than anyone is suggesting for Kreider. It's just distributed differently. All anyone is saying is, Callahan would THRIVE the most on that third line, or rather, his game would suffer the least. We're simply talking about what line combinations will be the most productive, most effective. We're not talking about Callahan's throne and why he deserves 'more' than Kreider to play in the top six. That conversation is 100% about ego.
Great post, spot on. You explained it a lot better than I did, and was exactly what I was getting at. Especially that entire 2nd paragraph

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