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Originally Posted by hockeylegend11 View Post
Analysis of the West after trade deadline
London-underwhelming performance by Hunter surprisingly,appears to have confidence in his group,young and talented,better hope Domi and Griffith dont get hurt,better yet rookie Patterson,with another rookie backing him up,dicey I would kept Baille to part of a trio
Sarnia- did zilch,lost toughness dealing Dundas,could be the softest team in the west along with Erie now that Mcguire is gone,losing Murphy really hurts,how bad is Anderson injury,what if gally sticks with Montreal,if I so I predict a precipitous drop for the Sting
Owen Sd- got better talent wise with Ceci,Janes and the return of Gavrus,gave up some youth and snarl,coaching problems,have lost 4 in a row?
Kitchener- got alot better on the offense with Leivo,Corrado and Schoenmakers,not wild about their defence and the ability to shut down other teams best a bit soft ,no Cody Sol
Guelph- did not keep up with teams ahead or behind,Posa will help,Nishi ?,young team,questions about discipline
Plymouth- added scoring did not need as much as def and goaltending,this team not built for playoffs,will beat teams 6-5 in reg season but in playoffs I predict an early exit
SSM- did zilch ,their best move was changing coaches,might or might not hang on to spot
should be an earrly exit if they do
Saginaw- gave up Trochek did not get much for him in my view,may pay for it,leads Windsor and Erie by 7 pts but both have games in hand on the Spirit,nice young team who competes for Gilbert,wont be easy catch them but without Trochek much better chance
Windsor- People were clamoring for change,rightfully so and got it,picked up 3-4 impact full players without giving the store away,depth a problem especially after top 8 forwards,4 or 5 d which makes me wonder about Posa deal curious,they need to jell quickly treat each game from here on in as a playoff game,which should make them dangerous if they get in because of their new found attitude/approach
Erie-deal little to improve team,if anything got softer dealing Mcguire,their best move was prior to deadline was coaching change too like SSM,not sure if they have enough tallent to get in,especially o D and bottom 6 forwards,good coach though a tteam to watch

Feel free to critcize at will,praise would be better
Sting fan here,no critizism here
Luckily we are 17 points ahead of Erie and Windsor so we MIGHT be able to make the playoffs,Tough games ahead for sure,27 games remaining,3 London,2 Owen Sound,2 Sag,2 Erie,2 SSM and the rest tough teams.Murphy now gone,Gali who knows,toughness gone with Dundas,If we get to the playoffs,just give us London and put us out of our misery.Good post

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