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Originally Posted by supert View Post
The Oilers are not trading RNH or J Schultz . Schultz choose us over the Rangers and pretty well every team in the NHL . He been more then we could have expected so far . Plus what kind of message do this sent to UFA when we are trying to sign one ?
A reasonable opinion, and as to message I think that has to go in context. If Babe Ruth, or in hockey parallel Bobby Orr/Wayne Gretzky can be traded, ANYONE can be traded.

If you are being shown the door --- regardless of whether or not its deserved ---- that's one thing.

But if agreed Malkin was the most uber-elite and top player in the game today, and a deal sent ANY player in a package for him, that could not possibly be a slight.

The return from NY would be nothing for JSchulz to consider a slight. It would just be a realization that with one fell swoop, a matching L-R set of a 1a top pair of All Star Ds, + additional Fs to provide instant balance, was added for one superstar, one potential rookie super star, and two promising prospects not yet ready.

Both pre and especially post Yakupov being drafted, we have had extended threads for several months about one top Edmonton F for one top NY D, with various names inserted. There was no consensus agreement. There seemed to be a line drawn with Oilers wanting more than only Staal or Girardi, and Rangers open to something more, but unwilling to give both.

This would address that, but as I said, it is open to interpretation more so than usual, because it is not clearly win-win for both, but with each team winning and losing big.

FYI ---
I point out my reply in part to Caley which I quote here:

Dallas has Jamie Benn unsigned. I know a lot of Oilers' fans have a pipe dream of him being disgruntled and being traded to Edmonton, though somehow not for any of Hall, Eberle, Schultz, RNH or Yakupov. [ icon lost in copy] ....
-Edmonton likely has to add a tough veteran defenceman with Andy Sutton likely having to retire.
What this says is Oilers have to give to get, and they may feel pushed to do something more if Sutton hangs em up.

I an NOT saying Oil MUST do this.
Only saying that in the context of their immediate position, Girardi + Staal instantly does a hell of a lot, along with Stepan + Brian Boyle. Of course the price for both would have to be RNH + JSchultz, + the prospect Ds.

It's very simple.
Oilers are young. They can wait for their assets to develop and contend shortly when the are a powerhouse in the West, or they can lose some overall potential but get stronger immediately and contend for a cup now.

The Rangers would be playing with fire, because they improve in other areas while weakening some of their D.

My point is it is a prudent gamble, but not a gimme, for either side.

Arguably, with new found balance Edmonton is better off long term NOT making this deal, and better off short term making it.

For Rangers it is a higher risk depending upon what they can do short term to have enough D this year this cup run. I think they have/can pick up enough to make it worthwhile, but that's just IMO.

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