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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
But we're not getting the full story in any of those years. What did the 23 GMs who did not recognize Lundqvist in 2007 think about him? How about the 21 GMs in 2008? Or the 22 GMs in 2009? Or the 26 GMs in 2010? Or the 21 GMs in 2011?

How do we not know that these 4-9 votes are not coming from the same GMs every season? GMs that happen to value GP? GMs that happen to value Wins? GMs that happen to value SOs? You're acting like they're infallible because of their position.

I've seen more arguments on HOH about Vezina votes than any other award.
Well, it's pretty clear that the GMs who didn't vote for him in 2010 but who did in every other season value making the playoffs, since 2010 was the only year he didn't make the playoffs.

And no, I don't think 1-2 GMs are infallible. I do think that 7-9 of them aren't going to be totally out to lunch about the exact same thing at the exact same time.

By the way, where was this scrutiny of awards voting when it came to sportswriters from the 1970s (for which we do have complete unofficial save percentage records)?

And yes, there are always the stats geeks on hfboards who argue that Tomas Vokoun should be racking up Vezinas, but I don't take them seriously.

Edit: You like save percentage? Lundqvist beats Luongo by a small margin during the 7 years they were in the league together. There are reasons to pick Luongo over Lundqvist (career value at the top of the list), but there are reasons to take Lundqvist, as well.

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