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01-10-2013, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by ILikeItILoveIt View Post
How is it down the drain? Granted, they should have come up with this CBA in the Summer and started the season on time. Like with most negotiations that really matter with two sides having somewhat equal leverage, it has to get to a breaking point to force both sides to believe their concessions are better than the ultimate alternative: Losing the Season and $3.3b. If fans were excited about the Oct-Dec games based on the last two years under this ownership group, why won't they be excited going to more meaningful Jan-Apr games? This is usually the time of year things get exciting and people focus in. Think of it like an NBA game. If you watch the 4th quarter, that's all that really matters. If you are an NBA fan, you like the 1st three quarters, but if you turned on the game, and it was tie going into the 4th, you're lovin' it. Full seasons are necessary and I love watching 82 games, but even as a huge hockey fan, a Tuesday night in November against the Oilers doesn't get me jazzed. Put that game in February when we're in the playoff hunt, and it might as well be a playoff game. Bitterness as a weapon to punish someone/thing you love because you want to send them a message never gets you a positive result. Owners/Players needed to improve the CBA so franchises like Nashville can be profitable and the best players in the world play in the NHL because it's the highest paying league in the world. They achieved that, at a cost of 34 less meaningful games. Somehow people believe things should just happen because they want them to. There was a lot at stake here, we lost games, but the outcome was worth the sacrifice. It was never an option to get the result without the sacrifice. In Utopia it may work that way, but in business, there is almost always sacrifice in negotiations. Lets reap the benefits going forward and look at the lose as a reasonable concession to get what we now have.
I disagree. All the people I've spoken with have either canceled tickets or won't be renewing because of the fiasco that our league is.

I think we take a big step back attendance wise. Especially if/when we have a bad season this year.

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