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Originally Posted by racerjoe View Post
Few small tid bits here.

First would like to remind people that it took Cory 8 years from when he was drafted to now to become a NHL starter. Thinking Lui will block a young goalie at this point is a bit out there. As is thinking a young ace will be available for trade. They just aren't.

If you wait too long to try and get a guy, you may never have a window at all.

I am not saying get Luongo, and I don't think I have ever put Gardiner in any of my proposals, at least not serious ones. Here is the deal, there is a #1 franchise goalie available right now. He will probably stay at starters level for 5-6 years. What's that worth?
Well to be fair, it's more like 6.. Lockout x 2

I think Scrivens will benefit having someone like Luongo, someone who can mentor him, prepare him mentally for the challenges of playing in a hockey mad city, possibly even face more pressure than fans in Vancouver. These are intangibles that make Luongo enticing to a team. You're not getting him as a piece to win SC, you're getting him for everything else he brings.

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