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01-10-2013, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post
I disagree. All the people I've spoken with have either canceled tickets or won't be renewing because of the fiasco that our league is.

I think we take a big step back attendance wise. Especially if/when we have a bad season this year.
That may be true and certainly their right, but what good comes from it? They are depriving themselves of a game they loved enough to buy the tickets in the first place. Holding on to that resentment hurts them more than it hurts their target: The NHL & The Preds. If we average 1K less this year because 1K people do this, then league revenues will be less, the salary cap will be less, players will be paid less, and owners will make less or lose more. It's not going to close the league down. But for the 1K people who stopped doing something they previously loved to do, they lose big time. And when does the punishment period end? Reg season? Playoffs? Next year? Never? I don't know. I just wish we could learn to forgive people (in this case the players & owners), accept apologies, and re-engage. If the peeps who can't find it in them to forgive the league, I hope they don't meet the same fate when they screw up and innocent people get hurt and don't forgive them. Some people call that "accountability". To me it's just a cold place.

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