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01-10-2013, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post
I don't give a damn about the individuals. You think I do, but I don't. My concern is winning. And In my opinion, Callahan provides more to our top-6 than he would on our third-line.

You want to give me crap about my man-crush with Callahan? This whole forum is having multiples over Kreider. Including you. Pot, meet kettle. But it's ok when it comes out of your mouth instead of mine, because you disagree with me. That's a real mature approach to a discussion you want to be taken seriously in.

I guarantee you that our coach plays him where he's best suited, which is in our top-6. I hope you're not upset when you see that.
No, it's not. Kreider has fallen out of favor because of his lack of production in the AHL. And no, I'm specifically not. I'm not that high on Kreider and like Callahan many times more. You're just proving how much this is about ego. I told you I'm not taking a shot at you and that I love Cally and simply feel you're being blinded by your admiration for what a good hockey player he is. You're taking shots at me now because your EGO can't handle it; you're acting infantile. Why would I be UPSET to see Callahan in the top six? You're so offended by the suggestion that you're being an insulting, immature *****. I made an intelligent, supported argument outlining why I SPECULATE it may be a better option to play Callahan in a shut down role at ES and let Kreider play with talent. You can't handle it so you threw a little tantrum. I guess I know whose posts to simply ignore from now on.

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