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01-10-2013, 01:40 PM
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I owned Puppa before and think he's a good starter here, but not on the first all star team. He's got 2 great years, but little besides that and a mediocre playoff resume. I don't think the difference is as big as you make it seem. Admittedly, I picked Collins just because I needed a goalie and everyone else seemed largely unimpressive so I don't think he's anything special.

Back to Levinsky, from consolidation to 1945-46(when the NHL schedule ranged from 44-50 games before expanding to 60 and 70 in the years right after 45-46), there were 30 defensemen in the NHL to play at least 300 games. 28 of them were taken in the ATD, 9 were taken in the MLD, 2 were taken in the AAA Draft(Reg Hamilton and Levinsky), and 1 is still undrafted. Offensively, Levinsky is 26th in PPG and total points among those 30. Not great offense, but considering he was known as a stay at home defenseman and we're in the AAA draft, the fact that he's not last is good. It may look like this stat is cherrypicked, but it's the largest time period where players are created basically equal in terms of games they could have played.

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