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Originally Posted by DownieFaceSoftener View Post
Are you looking to buy or rent?

The good places within the city (there are lots of places that are great outside the city):

Off the top of my head:

Fairmount Park (right by the zoo and the park)
Parts of South Philly (especially closer to the stadium)
Northern Liberties (bad neighborhoods being knocked down-- really up and coming now)
Center City
Old City
Areas a little west of UPenn

Lots of nice areas outside Philly. Trains into the city and whatnot.
Manayunk, etc.

South Jersey is suburban Philadelphia. More space and bigger land to be had.
pretty much this.

it all depends on your preferences. i lived in the city and moved out not too long ago. i'm currently living right around the "corner" so to speak from philly but about a half hour from the stadiums. there is a train station right by my house that i take every day for school. if your looking for something like that the price will go way down but you won't be in the middle of the action i guess.

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