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01-10-2013, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
No, it's really not. I implore anyone to read the post you quoted and call it a tantrum. Your whole YOU WANNA TALK TO ME ABOUT A MAN CRUSH/THIS WHOLE BOARD IS ORGASMING FOR KREIDER rant was immature garbage, plain and simple. I'm not the only person who pointed it out either. You don't have to agree with my speculation. You also can't bludgeon me with yours. I'm done discussing it with you because over the years, while you've proved to be a huge and knowledgeable Rangers fan you've also proven to be an obnoxiously single minded poster who will berate other fans opinions and I no longer have any interest in engaging in conversation with you. It's all a competition with you; your Rangers knowledge is superior and you will let it be known. I agreed with RGY's post. You told us both just how very wrong and silly we were. You don't need to respond to this. I have no desire to commit anymore energy to arguing with you on a hockey website. I'm sure we'll see all kinds of combinations this season and hopefully we'll all be happy with the way they work out. Enjoy the season.
Is it untrue? Are most of our fans not going ******* over Kreider? How many people have stapled him on our 1st line already?

I do actively disagree with other opinions, and maybe I was harsh with this. But I certainly didn't throw a tantrum

My Ranger knowledge is certainly not superior to all. Not even close. I just feel strongly about certain things. Year after year there are people who are labeling Callahan as a third liner, when the fact is he's produced and outperformed many second-liners in the league. Yet, here we are again. Another year. And another round of line-up proposals with him in our third line. All because we might have better options in our top-6. Or, because his style of play suits a third line very well.

I can't tolerate that type of generalization. Teams have different systems. Coaches use players differently. Callahan's the most dependable forward in our line-up who's also no slouch offensively. He's trending upwards in goals and points. He's one of the best shot blockers and hitters in our league. He's awesome defensively. He's a guy you want on the ice whenever he's caught his breath. He's our leader on top of that.

He has absolutely, positively no business on any third line in the league. When I hear people assume Kreider or Hagelin are better options in our top-6, I'll just say, I'll believe it when I see it.

Enjoy the season.

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