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01-10-2013, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Cogburn View Post
Back to back president's trophy winners, and our boys have brought in a jennings. Yes, it's not a stanley cup, but I'd hardly consider the money wasted. Also, most of the teams had a serious shot at the cup the last few years, and are expected to moving forward. If we move Luongo to the Leafs, we want someone who can impact our roster back just as much as he has impacted ours here, and will impact the Leafs. No deal to be had otherwise.
Very true. Van has had very good past few seasons. In my mind the best team to play in the regular season over the past 3. But in the NHL its stanley cup or bust. Presidents and jennings are all well and good but the Cup is the CUP for a reason. Hardest trophy to win in sports (debatable). And when Luongo was starting he is worth every penny. I was more refering to when you have take a back seat to shnedier, his contract becomes a burden on the team.

Also thing to note, and i dnt mean to beat a dead horse, is that Luos contract and age makes the list of teams willing to shell out a resonable return very short. Toronto is probably at the top of the list as to teams that are willing and able to take on a player, and contract, like Luo's. Florida is on the list, but as you can see they are less willing to pay for it as thier spending spree last off season leaves them a bit handcuffed.

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