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01-10-2013, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
Not that's been rumored or anything.

If Jeter gets in on the first ballot though (as he probably will), I just might flip out. To me, it would be the BBWAA making an absolute statement that all these other guys are tainted, but not the golden boy. And that might get really ugly if it ever emerges that he did. Also, I think he's horribly overrated. Not horrible (well, his fielding is), but overrated.
Overrated how? 3000 Hits? . 313 career batting average? Championships? Leadership? 13 time all star?

You are definitely delusional on this point.

Does he deserve first ballot consideration? In pure numbers yes in my opinion, but not necessarily from the you have to be a god to go in year 1 mentality that has evolved.

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