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01-10-2013, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by CGYPUKSUX View Post
I didn't think the contract issue was even in question. For the tryout contract to be offered the Flames would first have to nullify the existing contract on either player. Do they, players or team, take that risk? Not a chance. What player is going to cancel a guaranteed contract for a try-out contract? What happens if that player gets hurt in camp? No insurance. No guarantee on the contract. The player is just screwed. Again, I really didn't think this was even a scenario someone would seriously suggest, that they would think through all aspects of such a suggestion. Guess not.

Using your logic, why don't the Flames extend tryout offers to Keith Aucoin and Jeff Taffe? We could use Aucoin's skill and Taffe's size in the middle. They might just beat out an under-performing veteran in the shortened camp and force the new coaching staff to go with that proven quantity in the career minor leaguer! Make sense?
Then why were you arguing it in the first place?

No, using whatever logic you are imagining I might be using.

To this point Brust has outplayed all his contemporaries in the system, including Irving. Your example includes two middle of the road players, while Brust has excelled at his position. You don't have to agree with me, but making up ******** is just pathetic.

As for it being a risk, that would be his choice to take that risk wouldn't it. Its not like he cant sign an AHL contract with the Heat or any other AHL club after.

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