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Originally Posted by vanwest View Post
No offence. But I hear the same thing every year from Leaf fans about all the goalies that will be available next year. Guess what? Most of those guys re-sign with their club or the older established guys like Vokoun etc sign with teams that they think they have a shot with winning with. In the end, the crop of goalies who are available are marginal at best.
I was going to say something similar. There are certainly no guarantees that a decent goalie with less pay and shorter contract will even become available. And if there is, I don't think a team that just tanked yet another year away under new ownership and management would be high on the priority list.

With that said, I agree that if the idea is to rebuild and not make the playoffs anyway, then getting Luongo is perhaps not the best choice. On one hand he makes them a better team which might help get them into the playoffs and at least generate some interest in players to sign in Toronto, but on the other hand Toronto would be giving up some talent in exchange, it hurts their draft position, and sometimes there is something good about a young goalie developing along with a young team together.

From the words of the press conference, I don't think it is the desire of Nonis or the ownership to blow the team up and start again. So if that is the decision they've made and they just want to retool, then getting Luongo is one of the best things Toronto can do at this point... as long as it doesn't destroy the future by taking blue chip prospects out of their system such as Gardiner. (Which Toronto isn't going to do since he's both one of their best prospects as well as a d-man which is a position they badly need bolstering in)

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