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01-10-2013, 02:55 PM
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Originally Posted by WarriorOfGandhi View Post
not sure if thread is beaten-to-death meme (CONDRA STAMINA LOLZ) but in the event it is serious, my experience in a few years of playing drop in hockey has had me meet two guys who had an NHL try-out. One was an ECHLer, the other had just started playing in the AHL. Needless to say both were miles better than any other player on the ice. In any event, both said effectively the same thing, that they were just as fast and had just as good shots as the NHL players, but that the difference between an NHLer and a minor leaguer is that NHLers can make snap decisions while AHLers waste that valuable second or two after taking or making a pass in order to move or shoot the puck.
This is an informative post.

In the NHL though, we assume most of the vets and nearly all of the top half skaters can make quick decisions. The difference between Ovechkin and Semin though is heart.

Amongst the clear cut NHLers, heart determines the difference in results between the best players (NHL players) in the world in competition. When Ovechkin drives right to the net with multiple other NHL players draped all over and celebrates his goal on his butt, you see it.

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