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Originally Posted by AmericanDream View Post
I missed the memo? So just because Grzelcyk was cut one player after Skjei, in your warped mind he simply cant lose out on a roster spot an entire year fron now to Skjei...

Where have I advocated Skjei and pimped him to the roof? I am also not sure how I have overrated Merrill and Forbort at all as both are doing just fine on their own...I have actually been down on Forbort this past year, but nice try again.

Being a first round pick and having hype does sometimes matter when selection process comes around as a player like Skjei who will be in his last year to play for the US will always be labeled as a first round pick whether you like it or not. I am not saying it happens all the time, but players drafted in the first round on their last year of eligibility for team USA rarely do not get picked for this team...assuming they have another year of eligibility after their draft year.

Your obsession with Skjei and Grzelcyk is quite annoying to say the least as it is meaningless to argue over 2 players THAT DID NOT MAKE THE TEAM...There is a lot of time between now and when this tourney begins, save some of your obsession for when we get closer to actually being able to debate these kids.
I wasn't the one pushing Skjei ahead of Grzelcyk. You were as you said so in your post.

I clearly remember you posting in Merrill 's draft year he was a "GUARANTEED " 1st round pick. In fact you had him going in the top half of Round 1. He went in round 2.

I'm not "obsessing " about anything. I'm simply pointing out your clear bias against Grzelcyk.

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