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01-10-2013, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Hook View Post
Rainey will get a few more strikes before he's gone. He needs to get his act together though.

I do agree that they aren't much better than any other team when it comes to behavior. It's tough to just get rid of everybody that misbehaves though. They wouldn't have won the Super Bowl a few years ago if they got rid of Harrison and they would probably be one of the worst teams in all of football if they got rid of Roethlisberger after his off-field issues.

Steroids go back further than the 70's Steelers and they were by no means the only team doing it in the 70's. That doesn't right their wrong since they were also doing it but guys didn't know as much about steroids back then.
I'm not even saying the should immediately drop every player who does something that the fans deem a fireable offense, whether domestic abuse or jaywalking.

It's the myth that this is a new occurance.

Waiting for the "Tomlin lost control of this team...never happened under Cowher and Noll"

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