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Sorry Hinkie.
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Originally Posted by MrHockey1982 View Post
Thanks for the responses, guys. I would most likely want to rent an apartment in the city and enjoy all that it has to offer at least for a few years before I moved out. What are typical prices for a decent apt? I pretty much pay NYC prices now so I can handle it as long as I am able to find another good job.
There are tons of rentals. I would just post back here with areas that you're looking out. Typical prices can be anywhere from 600-1400. You can get a nice place for 800 no doubt if you try.

I lived in NYC for grad school so I know how that goes. Philadelphia's more "happening" areas are much safer than NYC's.

My suggestion would be to look at all these areas and look for which ones suit what you want to pay. Some will be more expensive than others. If it is very low, then you don't want to live there and it is a dump and probably has crime.

Let me know where you move. I may know some secret parking places which will make your life easier.

Rittenhouse Square
Center City
Manayunk (downtown is nice there-- train to into Philly)
Old City - Flyers used to be around here. I think Hartnell has a place here still.
South of South (the farther south you go the worse it gets) -- basically South of South Street has some good neighborhoods below it.
South Philly can be block by block in terms of being good or bad. Near the stadium is fine though. Personally, I hate how South Philly looks. Concrete, boring. No trees. Flatrow homes.
Fairmount Park (I rented here around 700-800 a month but you have to be diligent to find it-- rent with Pappas Realty. Don is the MAN and he's a great guy who will take care of your apartment if stuff breaks-- I had two other places I rented -- Commonwealth and I forget the other-- I did not have a good experience.)
Northern Liberties is up and coming.
The area around 12th and Locust (sometimes called the "gayborhood") because of the homosexual population. It is super nice (the street signs have rainbows under them that's how you'll know you're there). I have a few doctor friends who rent around there because Jefferson Univ/Hospital is there. Another safe area. Lots of night life.

All those places above are pretty exciting -- great food -- bars -- events. South Philly isn't very exciting besides the stadium. Everywhere else I listed has a pretty exotic night life depending on what you put into going out.

There are a few places the players hang out a lot as well. It's not hard to find out.

Do yourself a favor and use Pappas Realty.

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