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01-10-2013, 03:13 PM
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If CenterIce isn't free, or damn near it, count me out, boys. Dude paid 130 dollars for half a season! Last year, I payed like 160 for a FULL season. How is that price not automatically knocked down to 80 dollars?!

From Bettman issuing his insulting sorry, to "Mario and Ron" issuing a statement (which was actually written by some PR doof I'm sure), to this - it really seems like a kick to the nuts. Like a, "yea, you'll be back and like it!".

**** that.

This is the kinda thing that really makes my blood boil, and it's why the NHL will never be considered a sport worth watching in the United States. For a business, such as this, to run purely like a business, which is what the NHL does (bad business btw, from the looks of needing to redo the CBA each time it's up), and seemingly forget what it's really about - the fans, because without them, you have no source of income - really turns me off. I'm NOT paying over half of what I paid last year for CI. Half a season, I want half the price, at the most... Now, granted, it's really sucked not watching hockey the past four months, but it hasn't been the end of the world. I've found time for other things and now that they've become part of my regular schedule, I really don't think I'll notice missing any NHL games... hell, we know I won't see highlights on ESPN. So, now that they've lost me for this season, assuming that CI price is jacked sky-high, whats to say I'll be back next season.

I'll always be here to watch hockey. A games on NBC, you say? I'll check it out. But I won't be religiously sitting in front of my TV each night watching hockey anymore. And I'm a HUGE hockey fan, feeling this way. Imagine how the casual fan feels, that may have just been coming back, or coming to watch the sport for the first time!


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