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Originally Posted by Cheesesteak Invictus View Post
I have nothing against Leighton personally. There is no bias. I just don't like bad goaltenders, and not once while I watched Leighton with the Flyers did he look like a good goaltender. He always looked like a guy in over his head.
Well it sure seems like you have some sort of bias against him.

If you want to play the game where we start discounting his best season as an outlier, it's just going to drop his numbers further since those games are well over his career average and are a sizable chunk of his games played in the NHL; 1/5, actually.
I am confused by what you mean here. I said that you SHOULDN'T be discounting his stats prior to the lockout or with the Flyers, you said that we should. Or did I read your original post wrong?

Outside of his one season with the Flyers, he has an alarming amount of bad starts. He's really good in the AHL, but he flat-out cannot cut it on any level in the NHL. There's a reason he only has 124 NHL starts in the last decade compared to 352 AHL starts. Most NHL backups have that stat reversed. Go look at how many starts he has per year. Outside of his one year, he generally gets less than 10 starts a year. Those aren't the GP numbers of an NHL backup, those are the GP numbers of a third string call-up. He has one season with Carolina (since the 05 lockout) where he plays a true backup role. That's it. The guy is not fit for the role.
Again, his career line is that of a backup goalie. If you take out all of his good stats, you are right. He is left with bad stats. But you can say that about any player in the history of the game. Let's look at his career real quick. You are right, the guy does not have that many starts. But looking at the years when he played his most games (34, 19, and 34), he had backup goalie numbers. If you want to say any stats should be removed, I would say the stats in which he was a spot starter in the NHL. In those three seasons his numbers are respectable for a backup (.900 and 2.99, .901 and 2.92, and .905 and 2.83). Why don't those numbers, which are RIGHT IN LINE WITH HIS CAREER STATS represent his true ability, and the other numbers from his three years of playing less than 10 games represent his true ability? Why take out the largest chunk of his career and discredit that, and use the remaining 17 games as have that be the measuring stick? His career numbers are inflated by his career numbers? Give me a break. The guy is a backup goalie with backup numbers.

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