Thread: News Article: I don't heart Brian Wilde
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01-10-2013, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
I could just as easily say you have some sort of sick blind love for the guy, it is just a way of writing off someones opinion.

Apparently there are no delusional people in the world, just jerks who call people delusional. If your feelings are so easily hurt maybe the internet is not for you.

The team took a nose dive AFTER he left and replaced with who? Good argument, blame the guy with zero nhl head coaching experience, that will make Martin look so much better. Why doesn't the wonderful Martin have teams lining up around the block for his services as head coach right now? Oh that's right this isn't 10 years ago.

If anything it was long overdo, he should have been canned in favour of Muller but I am glad it was done when it was done. Your "status quo" nonsense is very indicative of the Gainey era, nothing drastic ever done to get to the next level. Either limp into the playoffs on a wing and prayer or miss and get a middling prospect. Great options those are, working real well for Calgary.
So if he would have been canned for Muller we would have tanked and got great prospects? You're contradicting yourself.

Martin did the best he could with the horses he had. He implemented a boring system that won more games than it lost and was very successful in the playoffs given that we didn't have the superstars of the teams we eliminated. I enjoy defensive systemic hockey, but I can certainly understand how most people wouldn't.

If you mean that he was the hurdle to tanking, then we agree. We just don't agree on tanking, and that's perfectly fine.

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