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Originally Posted by Petes96 View Post
No his attitude was self absorbed and brought the entire team down. Constantly talking about being a 10th overall pick. Never took his man in front of the next just stood there. Skates around the outside with the puck on the power play and does nothing but hit the goalie in the belly pad. Was not a good team mate to the young players. Forgot he was once there.

His attitude brought down the whole room. To be honest this will be the best thing for the team to have him gone. Don't get me wrong he has potential under good coaching but talk to me this time next year and tell me your thoughts.

Tell him to stay off twitter he has no class
Breaking an HFboard silence here.

With respect, trolling a 18 year old kid anonymously on a message board may not show the best attitude either. At least he tweeted with his name on it.

The issues in Peterborough have little to do with Koekkoek, which is fairly obvious for those of us familiar with the situation. I understand the frustration from a fan's perspective, but attacking him on here wont change the management issues in Peterborough. There is a reason why 3-4 other deals for him fell through, there are massive issues in Peterborough. They sent Watson home last year, magically, he was a star in last years playoffs. Fans complained he was a 'cancer', when in fact he needed to get out of a toxic environment. Puempel, same exact thing. I won't get into it, but Peterborough needs managers who are interested in managing a winning hockey team, with a history of success. Managers should not be hired because of 'who they know' within the organization.

To Windsor fans, there is no issue that a change of dressing rooms wont change. He had/has the same issues that other Petes have had. They will thrive now that they are out of that environment, just as Puempel and Watson have.

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