Thread: News Article: I don't heart Brian Wilde
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01-10-2013, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
I thought about that before, you convinced me.
Very very appreciated (the title is a lot cuter and more classy! and not creating a war-zone like atmosphere filled with hatred and bad stuff...we have a lot of that in the world news!).

(I love/adore Hockey's Future, but...when we have threads that start with ''I hate'' becomes a bit trashy and disrespectful,imo, that's more for those comments at the end of articles where people can post all kinds of insults and hatred and you can choose to ignore it or give it thumbs down,etc, but this is HF...there is some class here after all, thanks to some moderation or else it would become a zoo around here!!).

And I know I'm very annoying with Markov's constant injuries, but I never started a thread titled ''I hate Markov'' (not only would it be very trashy but I'd be either banned/warned maybe or trashed by everyone here!!!haha!!). And we'd have endless threads about hatred! (ex: ''I hate Cammalleri for floating''... ''I hate Bourque for floating last season'',etc,etc... I hate this, I hate that...).

HF is awesome and nothing wrong with some moderation! (especially when it comes to being a tad more respectful...some moderation doesn't mean censorship-North Korea-style).

Go Brian Wilde Go!! (continue being so cheerful!! and once in awhile if you have a negative/realistic what? we can't say positive things all the time about our Habs 24hrs/7, although it's great to try!!). I'd be a bitter if Brian Wilde was a Bruin or Leaf fan saying negative things about our Habs...but I'm pretty sure he isn't since he seems so passionate and usually very positive about our Habs (he wants our Habs to win just like we do...imo).
If I were a spots anchor on CTV sports...I'd probably say ''to be honest...I'm not sure what our Habs will do this season...depends so much on health, health, and health...and then forming solid/balanced lines (not just a one line team) with great chemistry, chemistry, and more chemistry!'' (so...we could be a bottom team or we could make the playoffs and usual we'll have to wait and see, but it all starts with key players being healthy).

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