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Originally Posted by CaptainCrunch67 View Post
Best part of that whole scenario, in season one when you were evicted from the house, they would break a plate with the contestants picture on it.

I think it was Hutch the a$$hole, who got thrown off, then they made up a story that he sued and was allowed back on the show. So he shows up and they had taken the plate which had been smashed and did this horrible glue it back together thing.

In the second season, notes would be delivered to the host by a falcon, until the falcon ran into a glass door and died because they "forgot" to leave the glass door open.

I've been amazed that these real contestants don't figure this stuff out.
Yeah, it was Hutch. That was a great season one detail for sure. The glued together plate was awesome. When he stormed out, I think he said “**** this ****ing show!!!”

The part about Montecore the Falcon in season 2 was even more outrageous than you remember though. The bird hitting the glass at full speed actually happened, and was in the outtakes. It was not supposed to happen and was not part of the “show”. In the end, since the bird was OK, it was just a funny detail, a thing that went wrong.

What “actually” happened is that Montecore ate Bryce’s frog Everett. And Bryce being the psycho that he was, (“it wasn’t a frog, it was a human ******* being!!!!”) was spotted on security cameras entering the bird’s trailer and the next morning Montecore was found dead. Ralph said something like “I know he and I had our differences, but we can all agree he was a beautiful and majestic creature…”

So Bryce got carried off in handcuffs, eliminating the need for an eviction ceremony that time.

This was after he already got sent home once and was allowed back on because kind-hearted Piper was moved by his advances (like the plane in the sky saying “Forgive me Piper” or something like that) and asked for them to bring him back. He was so obviously a creepy stalker but Piper not seeing him that way was one of the awesome details they got away with.

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