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01-10-2013, 04:10 PM
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thanks heaps everyone.

Ha! yes definitely sound like the same kinda laziness and diet. Im also a meat and veggies kinda person and have tried to cut out pastas and avoidable big breads lately so i think that will help get me going. Weekends im just gonna do what i gotta do, beers and watever. thats just how i roll but im definitely trying to change my midweek ways too.

I think you are right about attitude, the fact that i made this thread i think is big for me and its telling myself im ready to try and get a bit fitter after the holiday feasting. i went for like a 5 minute run trying a new technique for me where you run hard 20 seconds, then jog 10, then repeat as much as you can for 4 minutes. i made it like 2 minutes then felt like dying, but at least i got out there.

I think for me getting a starting fitness base is so key. i really really struggle dealing with my lungs blowing up and struggling to recover well from it. both running and on the ice. ive had a bunch of tests done for athsma and CT scans of my chest and done the exercise test on the bike to see if my volumes of oxygen were ok and everything seems fine, so maybe im just really unfit. im not a HUGE guy, 191cm (6'3") and about 93kg (205lbs), so not really overweight or anything, just severely unfit?

what are those interval training things you are doing?
my body seems to be handling the slow jogging and interval running that ive started for now, so if i can keep that going and suppliment it with other types of training, it might help me get SOME KIND of base going where i might one day in the future be able to jog 5km (3miles) without stopping. thats a bit of a goal for me to start with because i know hockey is very different to running, but you still need to be able to have some kind of fitness going!

the skills will come and im really not AS worried about them for now, because i just want to be able to skate shifts with ease and get into the flow of it all. that comes from fitness and i just hope i can get there because im a long way off for some reason.

thanks again.

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