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01-10-2013, 05:19 PM
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I realize that it's hard to say that this frustrating, seemingly pointless lockout was a "gift", but I get what he's saying. It DOES save a lot of money. It DOES benefit teams like the Preds in the long run. There IS merit to the fact that casual sports fans in town don't pay much attention to the Preds until the new year (although last year the Titans went 9-7 and we still had great attendance all season). It IS true that the Titans suck and people are probably ready to embrace a winner. Also, say what you want, but even though the NHL isn't the main sport in town, I think the Preds have a reputation of quite frankly being the only team we have that wins fairly consistently.

I'm not concerned about the attendance issue. Yeah, the PR department will have a lot of face-saving to do but from the standpoint of people in seats I think it'll be fine. IMO there's a good mix in town of A.) die hard fans that just want their Preds back, B.) Fans that want to go because they enjoy it, but don't follow the NHL enough to be bitter over the lockout, and C.) casual people who just want to do something and go out and have fun. None of those groups will be boycotting the league anytime soon.

Gift? Not so much
Advantages? Sure

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