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Originally Posted by HFNHL PIT GM View Post
We have a cap because its not real money and something needs to be in place to keep teams from having zero accountability in contracts.

As much as I agree Id love to follow the NHL as closely as possibly, there are some dynamics we simply cant simulate.

The salary floor is one of them. If an NHL team is having cash issues, the owner goes to the bank or his personal fortune and injects money. This simply cant be done in our league and if one of us goes near bankruptcy the league puts some serious oversight on our operations and we can be fired.
As of now, you are very close to the floor and if you think you can handle $40M salary than I don't see an issue here. Rich, the league can always pump money in order to compensate the increase in mimimum cap.

I am sure you have noticed that there are few teams that are always at the top because they are able to retain top end talent given the max of $8M and NHL cap. If we are using the NHL Cap than we should use the actual salary and should eliminate $8M and bring in minimum cap.

The issue I have is that we force the team to match the NHL salary for low/mid level players (players making $8M or less) but we cap at $8M for high end talent (players like Crosby, Malkin etc). This creates an unfair advantage to toptier team while low end team are struggling to make a decent roster and can't get any players without paying more than market value.

By using the actual salary and cap, we will slowly eliminate this and will be more competitive all around the league.

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