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01-10-2013, 04:26 PM
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Originally Posted by MNman View Post
The MP really is getting old.....I sure hope my Elite subscription that was extended into May still allows me to download the new DLC (coming end of Jan.) and that it contains a lot of good stuff.

The maps are too small and not always fun to play. There are no multi-player missions or obstacle courses to go through (took up a lot of my time on MW3) and the freakin semi-automatic Sniper rifle is a piece of garbage. How the heck can it be allowed to use a sniper rifle that fires a full magazine in half a second along with zero recoil???? Seriously, that sniper has less recoil than all of the SMG's.
Agreed. I read some of the reviews that made it sound like they had released a fresh, new version of COD but it feels very much like the same tired crap with a new paint job.

On the other hand, I really liked Far Cry 2 and the ability to freely roam a very large map in the single player. I loved the ability to sneak up on a post of enemies and take them all out. Also, the deteriorating weapons was a nice touch of realism. Even though Far Cry 3 isn't a direct sequel, they've had over 3 years to improve on FC2 and I've heard very good things.

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