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01-10-2013, 04:39 PM
Whale Mingo
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Lots of threads/posts about what the league "owes" fans. What about the players?

I am in the camp that doesn't believe the NHL "owes" us anything. The NHL is a source of entertainment that we pay for. They have no contract or obligation to us whatsoever. Now, any good business would feel as if they owe their customers something after all of this because it's simply good for business.

I see threads and posts about what teams are doing to give back/say sorry to the fans, but what about the players? Regardless of which side you were on during the lockout you have to (at least somewhat) hold both sides accountable. So shouldn't they both offer the fans something?

I'm not looking for personal gain here, I would like to see the players give something back to the communities they (had a hand in) taking so much away from (jobs, tax revenue, etc...).

Would it be too much to ask for each team's players to pick a charity or relief fund to donate a game check? Keep it in the local community and show us you still care about us.

Maybe a game check is too much, how about 1/3 of a check. Play one period for the community.

Maybe I'm way off base here, I dunno.....

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