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01-10-2013, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
Here's exactly what you posted and why I replied to your post.

You may have elaborated in later posts, but that's what your initial post was and what I tried to expand on by saying he played very well but wasn't the stud you claimed he was.

When someone says he's a "stud" defensman, they don't ever canote it by saying "all things considered." A Stud defensman is a top tier defensman who's amongst the best in the NHL. So saying he's been a stud and than saying later "all things considered" and than coming back and trying to make it sound like I misquoted you isn't cool.

At the end of day, we're not far from what we're saying just saying it in different ways.
Yes I originally posted "stud" without specifying "all things considered because to me, when speaking of a rookie/sophomore, and in particular PK's case (I didn't think I had to explain to another fellow poster who is fully aware of PK's upbringing as opposed to another rookie who's brought up slowly as 5-6th Dman), it's evident I meant all things considered.
In any event, I later specified that it was "all things considered" so I'm not sure why you still speak of it as I meant it compared to guys like Weber. That would be foolish.

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