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Originally Posted by Capsman View Post
To the best of my recollection, none of his more significant injuries this season have been on designed runs. Both the concussion and knee injury were on scrambles. I highly doubt he is not going to scramble again if under pressure and he sees an opening. The designed runs have actually been pretty safe because the blocking was designed for them and he had a sense of where and how far to go before protecting himself.
The read option might go, but the offense Cousins ran in the Cleveland game is how the Skins offense looks with a QB that doesn't possess the prowess that Griffin does. So design runs might disappear, but Griffin using his speed to bootleg out will be apart of any offense Griffin runs so long as a Shanahan is calling the plays. And Griffin will be just as affective running that type of Shanahan offense as he did this past year out of the pistol whip offense.

Griffin will lose some of his athletic ability after this surgery, but Griffin was so much more faster than most of the defenders he faced this year he will still be a damn fast QB in the open field.

Also just ran into this:

Dan Hellie‏@DanHellie

Dr. Adickes (yes the former Redskin) - RG3's former Surgeon says 6-8 months & He expects him back for Regular season opener.

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