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Originally Posted by Cheesesteak Invictus View Post
If he's good enough to be a backup goalie in the NHL, then why isn't he used as a backup goalie? He has only one season, with Carolina, where he gets the number of starts you'd expect from a backup. It's not like Cam Ward was playing 79 games. It's not like whoever was in Nashville was playing 81 games. He has one fluke season. You're looking at the fluke and saying "LOOK!" when you should be looking at his whole body of work, and seeing that he's a third string guy. Hell, I'm pretty sure Ward was having injury problems when Leighton was put on the waiver wire. At a time when they needed goaltending, they decided Leighton wasn't good enough, just like every other team before...including Philly, once.
Once again, how is the majority of career, in which he has posted his best numbers a fluke? 87/104 games he has stats that are commensurate with his career line. Please explain to me why this is a fluke. I would be very interested in hearing this. The majority of his career his numbers are in line with the career numbers (that is how averages work, no?). You are looking at reasons to discredit that (low scoring era, playing for flyers, etc) and pointing to a small portion of his games that show his TRUE ability. It makes no sense.

For instance...Claude Giroux has only had two good seasons. During this time he was playing on the top line so he got more time and was playing with the likes of Jaromir Jagr, a sure fire first ballot hall of famer. Put him on a line with the same people he was playing with two years earlier when he scored 47 points and that is really what you can expect from him. (This is a ridiculous argument that I would get laughed out of here if I made legitimately. However when you do it for Leighton I get laughed out of here for saying it is ridiculous.).

You forget two things: in the years where he played over 30 games, it was a different circumstance. He wasn't playing as a backup in Philly. He was a starter playing consistently (that likely won't happen now), and he was protected behind a very good defensive team who played like they had an empty net (That definitely won't happen now). His other 30 game season was during a low scoring era before the rule changes, and those numbers aren't exactly mind-blowing, even for a prospect. That leaves us with one 19 start season. Only one lone season where he serves a true backup role. You don't think it's odd that the bulk of his career is spent as an AHL callup? You're just going to discount that he has only once been a primary backup, and not part of a platoon?
Once again, you can't just ignore the majority of his stats and discredit them, while also pointing to stats that are in line with his career stats (the 19 game season in CAR), and say that not only are the stats from his two largest samples not real, but his other season where he played in 19 games is not true, and the real truth is the smallest possible sample size.

What evidence do you have that Leighton is an NHL caliber goaltender in this league? One or two seasons in the last decade? That's unconvincing, especially considering his work since then, and considering the bulk of his career has been in the minor leagues. He belongs in the AHL, not on the Flyers roster.
His career stats. Plenty of players are up and down before they get their shot. He's barely 30 years old and yes he is not an epic world class goalie. But he is a backup. With backup numbers. And backup abilities.

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