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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Yes, the golf ball is made to be SUPER bouncy. If you don't have soft hands, you can't handle the golf ball. It will teach you fast movement with soft hands. If I only had one off-ice tool it would be a golf ball. It's also what I use to test composite sticks for feel...if I can handle the golf ball and it feels good, it will definitely feel good with a puck.

Smart ball is really only there to build strength IMO. The ball is too heavy to mimic a puck even though it might be the same weight, it travels different. I wish they made one in a little lighter weight, that would be perfect. But I like the heavier weight to build the forearm muscles.

I don't like the Green Biscuit. Can't say why really. Doesn't serve much purpose I guess. It's really noisy and doesn't feel like a puck.
Looks like I have to get myself a golf ball.

One thing I like about the Green Biscuit is if I haven't done it in a while (or done mostly Smart Ball), I find I flip it over a lot. So I have to adjust to keep it flat and I assume that is beneficial to stickhandling on the ice.

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