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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
I actually remember when we hired Gainey. I was ecstatic. Really thought he would turn things around for us. If you had told me back then how bad things would go with Gainey, I wouldn't have believed it.
Your comment about mediocrity hit it right on the nose. You could come on any hockey board during those years and shout as loud as you want how Gainey was killing the team one pin ***** at a time and no one would listen. His tenure was truly a slow plodding march to mediocrity and everyone loved him for it.

Originally Posted by JGRB View Post
The reality of the situation is that after picking Price in 2005, the Habs should have gone on a rebuild. We had a mediocre core that we continued to try and work with.

Had Gainey been patient rather blow his wad in the summer of 2008 and then again in 2009... We could be in substantially better shape right now. The lost first round pick in 2008 is often understated here like I said earlier, and we lost that asset (Tanguay) for NOTHING the following summer. The following summer we lost McDonaugh for another nothing. So we lost 2 cornerstone players for nothing.

In 08 rumor has it that Timmins wanted Carlson... Can you imagine? Subban-Carlson-McDonagh?! Gainey defecated all over us.
Koivu was the real problem, the guy dragged the team for years instead of allowing it to die. He turned 3rd liners into 1st liners and worked with junk for ages instead of just packing it in and asking for a trade.

I consider Gaineys tenure the "lost years" and that style of nothingness is why I loved Gauthiers term. He traded players we knew we weren't going to sign and he dumped personnel he knew were not a part of this teams future. Last years results were a bitter pill but I will take that bitter pill over some ****ing 10th place finish anytime.

Edit: You are right in that there is very little to look back at and enjoy from Gainey, only a few bright spots.

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