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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
Nobody wants him to fail. It's just that some people are so desperate for us to get a big, fast, scoring forward that they are willing to overlook everything.

The explanations you are giving in a positive light is simply not believable. The idea that he plays better with better players does not hold as much water as the idea that he's a slacker who never keeps up the energy for a long-term.
Or he could just be working on rounding out his game. Go to the 2:50 mark:

Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
He can come into a tournament, bust his @$$ there and produce results over a half a dozen to a dozen games. But as soon as he's in it for the long-haul, he starts to fumble.

The concern with Kreider seems to be that he's a much better sprinter than marathon runner. The hope is that Torts can whip him into shape and force him to compete on a daily basis for 8 months at a time.
Whose concern? Going through a learning process adapting to the pro game is not the same as not being able to bring it every day. Rod Gilbert came up for a cup of coffee in the 62 playoffs and put up five points in four games. The next season he only put up 31 points. Everybody knows what happened after that. Was Gilbert not really competing in that first full season? Or was he just working on his game and learning?

Disclaimer because this is HFboards: I'm not comparing Kreider to Gilbert. I'm comparing their situations.

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