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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
His numbers in the NHL indicate that he is a back up goalie. I guess don't understand your argument. If you are saying he isn't a backup goalie because there were years he was not in the NHL, and because of that he is not an NHL caliber goalie, then I would say your argument is flawed considering he is currently the backup goalie on this team. If that is not your argument, then my argument is further bolstered by the fact that his stats while in the NHL average out to be stats that are in line with many of the backup goalies in the league.
His numbers indicate he is, at best, a low level backup, towards the bottom of the barrel. When paired with his numerous single digit GPs stats, it very clearly paints a picture of a guy who isn't sticking as an NHL backup. When you pair it with the eyeball test that shows he routinely struggles to handle NHL level shots, the evidence against him is more damning.

He is the backup goalie, yes. But that says a lot more about this organizations poor choices in net than it does Leighton's ability.

I don't know the circumstances of his entire career. Was he injured? Who else was on the roster? There could be a number of reasons behind this. My only argument is that when in the NHL, his stats are that of a backup goalie. I therefore am predicting that his stats this year will be on par with that. Certainly it is possible he ***** the bed and gets sent down, never to be heard of again. On the hand, it is certainly possible that his numbers are the same as they have been throughout his career. Somewhere in the balpark of .900 SV% and 2.95 GAA. Not impressive, but good enough to be a backup.
That's not really good enough to be a backup, though. If your backup is putting up those numbers you should be looking to replace him with someone younger you can develop, or someone older and more reliable. Based on the number of games he was playing in the AHL, it's unlikely he was injured. It's more likely he's not good enough to keep an NHL spot aside from one season.

As noted above, I think his numbers will be just like they have been over the course of his career. I am basing this on his career numbers. I know that basing future performance based on past performance is unrealistic, but I will stick with it. Once again, I could be wrong, but I think stats taken from a majority of a player's career are a better indicator than stats taken from a small portion of the same player's career.
You remove context from his numbers, though. You don't take into account all the time he spends as a third stringer because he isn't cutting it in the NHL. You also ignore his actual flaws as a goalie; the only thing he is good at is "largeness." His reflexes are sub-par, his lateral speed is downright bad, his positioning is often questionable and his rebound control is nonexistent, because he can't handle shots from NHL players.

I'm getting deja vu.

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