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Originally Posted by DallasGM View Post
My problem with contracts and money is there no way to lower a guys value example Jokinen I had 2 choices let him hit FA try to sign him cheaper(which wouldn't happen) or sign him max money for a year the logic for this oh he makes 8mill why should he make less (actual quote from and agent one time I tried to sign a guy forget who now) that to this day was the stupidest thing I've ever heard the guy had a lower NHL contract and wasn't worth it but because we don't have the luxury of seeing them in person we just talk to a brick wall and can't sell a player to the market there last contract dictates the one he signs after
The rules are set by Admin team and not the player agent. As far as Crosby goes, his salary is around $8M but with the shorter contract length and higher salary cap, we will see increase in salary for many over $8M. My point is very simple, why do I have to pay NHL cap for 4th line player and players at upper tier are capped at $8M? If we are using NHL cap than why not change the salary structure to NHL. The other alternative is to reduce the cap to $40M and leave the max salary at $8M as was the case in 2005/2006 season.

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