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01-10-2013, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by snarktacular View Post
That might be part of it. To be more specific, I wasn't happy with the passes he made, his passing/skating/shooting decisions, and his decisions on whether to pinch or not. I guess the pinching thing could be due to a mandate from the coach causing him to second guess and be slow to react.

edit: and yes, I do blame the coaching more than any of the players. In fact, when I said earlier that I don't blame Fowler for the unit's ineffectiveness as a whole, that's a large part of what I meant. I think the coaches set up some kind of ass-backwards system to take away just about everybody's strengths.
One area that I can't really overlook in regards to Fowler are the shooting decisions. I think Fowler's shot is a bit underrated(not great, but better than he's often given credit for), but he was forcing a lot of shots last season. If there's no shooting lane, and your teammates aren't moving(something the team was guilty of a lot on the PP), you should just be sending it down low.

I didn't understand then, and I still don't understand, what the coaches were trying to do on the PP. It just baffled me how the coaches could see the players they had, and use them so horribly. It's not as if there's a secret to seeing the strengths of players. How many viewings does it take to figure out that Getzlaf is a passer? That Selanne is a gifted shooter? That Fowler is a world class skater? Even if you'd never seen them before, their strengths are obvious.

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