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I discount the Chicago stats because they occurred in an era that no longer exists due to rule changes, so they aren't very relevant to judging him now. I ignore the Philly season because those are clearly a very unique situation, and extremely different from the one he's in now. It's not because they're good. It's because he played behind an insanely good defensive performance from the team in front of him. We are no longer that team. They've come back down to earth. That season is an outlier; his performance in Carolina that year was very bad, which is why they dropped him. It's no coincidence that his numbers improved playing behind that team. At that point it didn't really matter who the Flyers had in net, they were going to cover for them. They can't do that anymore.

What's left is inherently a small sample size because he's spent so much time as a third string goalie, he doesn't get many starts...except the one season with Carolina. By the way, the Hurricanes were a playoff team in that year, so it's not like they were a bad team. That's probably his best individual season, because as I remember that Carolina team wasn't a defensive juggernaut like the Flyers team was in 2010. Far more credit goes to him there than it does in the fluke Philly season where he was sheltered.

Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
exactly ... people can't selectively pick and choose which career numbers fit their viewpoint & throw out everything else. career NHL numbers are career NHL numbers. period. i'd expect each of our goalies to post near their career numbers this year.

hopefully exceed them.

"" exactly.
You can most certainly ignore blatant outliers when getting the full measure of a player. Leighton's 27 game stint with the Flyers is definitely an outlier and far from the norm for Leighton. The norm is 3-7 NHL starts (or none) before being sent down. Nobody would look at a fluke hat trick from Jody Shelley and use that as proof he's a competent goal scorer, for instance.

Or here's another example you'll like more: Nobody would look at a (theoretical) season of responsible defensive play by Briere 4 years ago and use it to say he's been defensively responsible his whole career, as well as now.

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