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Originally Posted by Ace Dreamer View Post
I agree with you here.

I've also noticed a trend where the same guys keep on winning, and I personally believe that there have been better teams, but just didn't win because whoever they were going up against is more of a GM favourite or has more popularity.

For me sometimes, I don't see any point to playing these games anymore because no matter how good a team I or someone else builds, they always lose due to less popularity than the other GM.

It's been a long time since one of this guys listed above hasn't won the cup, and it's not because they always build the best teams, no. Other people often build really good teams, but they just can't get past the 1st round, no matter how good teams are.

There are people here who probably don't even look at the roster threads when voting. They look at the GMs that built the team, then they vote for their favourite GM.

For example, my team which only got one vote (which was from myself). I felt that my team was good enough to at least come close to winning, but since Avs44 is more popular than me here, he got most votes.
What a were not even close for a reason. Citing popularity as the reason I beat you?? What a joke. Look at the lines.

Sedins/Burrows or Stastny/Franzen/Landeskog??
Tanguay/ROR/Jagri or Ladd/Kesler/Kessel??
Hedjuk/Eller/Jones or Higgins/Sutter/Hansen??
McGinn/Lapierre/Ebbet or Raymond/Belanger/Bertuzzi??

You have a great bottom 6. Top 6? Mine is far better sorry.


Johnson/Hedja/Eriksson/Gorges/Bergeron/Wilson or Hamhuis/Edler/Bieksa/Bouwmeester/Stuart/Garrison. Thats not even close. You did a nice job, but your overrating your team if you think you were close to being better than me.

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