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Originally Posted by CGYPUKSUX View Post
Didn't have to talk to them. This was the coaches' poll as to who were the best players in the tournament. Can it be any more obvious than a list from the coach, picking his three best performers?

Doesn't matter whether they were better prospects, they were not top performers according to the coach of the team. How freaking hard is this for some people to figure out? A player and his prospect status don't mean **** when you gauge his play in a tournament or after that moment his name is called at the draft. Just because he was drafted high doesn't mean he's going to be a high performer or retain that high level prospect status. Well, in the real world that is how it works. On Hockeysfuture the value of a player is defined by their draft position and remains that until they are flipping burgers.

I expected a player getting all the hype humanly possible to shine. He didn't. And no, he wasn't better than Granlund or Armia, who wasn't that impressive either. He looked like an average player who feasted on the weak teams in the tournament to pad his stats. I wanted to see performances like that against good teams. He didn't do much against good competition. What works in Teravanien's favor is he can come back and try and dominate next year. He has time on his side.
In case you didn't pay much attention to Team Finland WJC thread, us Finnish posters don't give much credit to the views of our coaches after their failures with this team.

What you failed to see that since team lacked or was unable to play according to the system they should have been familiar both from the their club teams and national federations doctrine, the players who are most familiar with playing under a good system, such as Teräväinen, found it hard to thrive in a no-system team. They were used to players being "on their rails" but 99% of the time they were not but completely outside of the play.

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