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Originally Posted by knowswhattowatch View Post
First time poster but been reading for a few years. Frankly tired of reading you guys slag the 97 group. How did the elite group of 96's do at under 17s? Worst showing by Ontario ever I believe.
Don't make it an emotional issue, its not. Some people have options, if they are wrong, so be it. I have been watching the draft for a long, long time, and the 96's are a special group. Doesn't matter what happened at the U17's, thats a team event. That team ran into one heck of a hot goalie against Quebec (I was there, kid stood on his head).

Just like Vaughan beat Elgin, tied Oakville. Anything can happen in a single game. Thats why we are out watching players 15-20 times. 15 year old kids have bad days, I have a bad day, you have a bad day. What matters is, what type of player they will be, not who they lost to in a random minor midget game.

Originally Posted by knowswhattowatch View Post
If the 97's are so weak how did CMD only get 1 goal in his only time ever against his own age group at the all state game. Don't count the penalty (shoot out goal) that doesn't happen in real hockey and his 3rd goal was after the tie in a shootout. But in 60 minutes he got 1 goal? if the age group is so crap how did he not put up more points than he did in last years 96 all star game?
Its a summer All Star game. You can't judge an entire age group off of a single game, especailly one that has zero cosiquenses. McDavid was a star that game, but it doesnt matter, its a single game in July.

Originally Posted by knowswhattowatch View Post
I don't get your love in with the Russian. He is good for sure, but not elite. He has been anointed by you guys because he played up last year. He had a strong start to the year but really didn't do much in the few weeks before his injury and has done very little since returning. He has a heavy shot but no way near as accurate as a Solitaro was last year. I am disappointed when Canadians promote one over there own. We are allowing these players to come here take spots from our boys then go back to there countries to kick our ass in junior. I don't know but just seems the system is broken in mho.
And im not sure why you need to refer to him as 'The Russian'. His name is Nikita Korostelev, and he is a talented player, thats why we like him. I don't care where he played last year, who he played with, the results THIS YEAR suggest that he is a top 10 pick for the draft. Nikita has chosen to play here in Ontario, which speaks great for our development model here. Im shocked that someone would judge him solely based on his nationality. He took 'a spot' away from a player who wasn't good enough. Sorry, thats hockey. If someone has to play AA because they where not good enough to get one of the 200 spots in the GTHL, he must not be THAT good.

Originally Posted by knowswhattowatch View Post
The G also gets a bad rap. If you use the Marlie tournament as an indicator ALL of the G teams gave every O and alliance team a run for there money.
VK tied OR
YS barely beat Nats -3-2 and senators 3-2
LKgG beat NYR 4-2
DMF beat Kingston 3-1
Nats beat Whitby 5-2
Barrie 3-2 over Markham Majors
Bottom G teams gave top teams all they could handle.
Again, don't use single game indicators to judge teams, your setting yourself up for failure. The 93 North York Rangers beat the 93 York Simcoe Express. That 93 Ranger team had 0 NHL picks, while the York Simcoe Express had both Ryan Murphy and Daniel Catenacci, plus 2-3 NCAA guys and 5-6 other OHL players.

York Simcoe was light years ahead of them, but had a bad game. It happens.

If you don't think what people post on here is correct...then don't read it? If you think that their opinions are inncorrect, it shouldnt matter.

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