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01-10-2013, 07:51 PM
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Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
Well Karlsson and PK both started in 2009. Karlsson played more but that was the year they both broke in.

That's besides the point. I never said Doughty and Karlsson had identical situations, I said they were comparable.

As for you comparing PK to Karlsson (who won the Norris) and Doughty (who was integral in winning a cup) yeah, he's just a good as they are, that's not a homer comment at all. You're absolutely right, what was I thinking?
I think you're just playing dumb right now.
PK played 2 games in 2009, who cares if they both played their 1st NHL game in 2009. It's completely besides the point and you know it, so why even bring this up?

Actually, I never said they are on the same level. I said PK isn't far off and IF steps it up and settles his play down (which means, takes less chances and smarter decisions). Not sure what was so hard to understand there, are you purposely misreading?

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