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Originally Posted by Cogburn View Post
List 30 defenders better then Edler and Hamhuis. Good luck, 15-20 of them will be very debatable. I think the sentiment is we need a Weber, Chara, Pronger, Doughty style number one, and sorry boys and girls, that simply won't happen if we don't destroy our team or draft and develop one ourselves.

We have two guys that I think on most teams are a number 1, and then 2 guys that are more complementary but could still be top pairing guys, Bieksa and Garrison, and even Ballard, for the amount of crap he gets, is top four on most teams. Tanev isn't top 4 yet, but he's getting there. If anything, we need some depth, as Joslin and Alberts aren't going to cut it for full time duty if we suffer injuries.

I think our biggest need is a second line center that can move down when Kesler gets back, or a third line center that is comfortable playing in the top six until Kesler is back.
Agree with everything you say. Secondary scoring IS more important for this team.

By way of explanation though, I can TRY to explain why people still think Nucks have to have ... a 'true number 1'.

A one word answer: HISTORY.

When folks look at recent Cup winners, they usually see lineups with one of these beasts: either a Doughty or a Chara.

So they think it is impossible to win a Cup without having one of those things.

There are cases like Pens and Hurricanes where they win without one, but they see those as exceptions to the rule.

But it is a bit of a false dichotomy. There are other reasons why this team didnt get a Cup. But people sometimes focus or obsess on one factor.

BUT I agree with you. When the Sedin line is checked or ground into submission no secondary scoring is good enough to step up. That's the main problem as I see it.

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