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01-10-2013, 08:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Dharvey33 View Post
If someones expects the habs to suck again this year then why are you guys watching them? Just stop or do you enjoy seeing them losing? Do you feel complete when you are right about something?

Being a fan is not about being realistic it's about dreaming and hoping that your team wins the cup. If you are already a loser before it even starts then you are not a true fan just someone that wants to prove he is smart by saying i told you so that they would suck again. What do you gain by keeping your expectations low?

We are passionate and love this sport , please continue to be delusional to live in a fantasy world where the habs are the best team in the league like 40 years ago. Where Max Paciorretty is an elite winger better than any other power forward. We need those fantasy in our lives. So what if we are huge homers we love hockey but we love the habs more, i want to see them win and i whish they do it this year. Statistics and whatever are not the only parameter there are human beings and with human beings nothing is ever decided before it,s over.

Did the habs suck last year? Yes they did? Was i happy about it hell no i hate when my team lose just as much as i hate losing.

Every year i say the habs are finishing first and winning the cup that's why i'm watching this sport not to see them tank.

For those who don't think we are making the playoffs this year do yourself a favor and let common sense fly away for a second, just remember why you love this team and then dream.
We are all cheering for our team to win. However, some of us don't believe in being irrationally optimistic. We see our team on paper, we compare it to other teams in the league, and we make assessments based on what we think is the likely outcome. When the game is on television do we sit and root for our team to lose? No, not unless we are already mathematically eliminated from the play-offs. We root for our team to overcome the odds, to transcend their projected placing, not only in our minds, but in the media, by the pundits, by their opposition, and in the end, when all is settled and the outcome has been determined. If we lose, we can reduce the sting of that loss, the anger of that loss, by being prepared for it, because it doesn't swell from some region beyond our expectations, it is what we thought was the likely outcome, and we entertain the dreams of a superstar in the draft, another soldier on our team, replete with skill, desire and the will to win, to bring us out of this cycle of mediocrity and into this realm of expectation to win, to be the team other teams fear, other fans are jealous of, the one that puts an anxious tingling in our chests and nervous cloud in our guts, the one with a possibility of glory.

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