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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
I have consistently talked about his defense and his skating. So did the other people I've seen. The idea that people are pushing him only because of his fighting ability is downright false.

Everyone who dislikes McIlrath responds to every statement about his play with, "you only like him because he can fight" and then proceeds to explain why fighting isn't important. Then they come to believe what they just said: that people are only talking about his fighting. And yet, all those defending him are talking about his actual ability to play.

The argument that he isn't doing well in Hartford because of linemates is just not true. Hagelin is also a speedster who doesn't create opportunities, and yet he was scoring at a point per game pace in the AHL. Every player is different, but I'd like Kreider to score at least on par with AHL 4th liners, how's that for super-high expectations?

Kreider in the NHL was told to use his speed. Torts was very careful about that. Kreider in the AHL was told to actually play hockey. And that's what caused his struggles.

I have no problem with Kreider. I like him. My problem is with people who are inventing stuff.

1) How could coaches tell someone with almost no pro experience that he doesn't have to play hard? This isn't a veteran, this is a kid with barely any knowledge of how to play against adults.

2) The idea that a north-south player should not be outscoring 4th liners in the AHL because he doesn't create opportunities is similarly ridiculous. He's skating up, runs into some career minor leaguer, loses the puck, then disappears for 10 minutes until the same episode later in the period. That's his problem.

My beef isn't with Kreider. As I've said, I still see him as a 25-25 player. My beef is with people who are pretending for no apparent reason that he's doing well in the AHL (early argument) or that he shouldn't be expected to do well in the AHL (current argument).

NHLers should perform well in the AHL, regardless of their style of play.
1) I'm not saying that you only like DM because he fights, I'm saying that's what most of the posts are about. Seems like hockey fans care about fights more than anything. That was a negative about hockey fans than McIlrath.

2) Sounds like you said they expect Kreider to be more well rounded. Considering he's a raw rookie he's probably struggling to make his game more well rounded and score. I don't see why that's despicable.

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