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Originally Posted by LadyStanley View Post
Olympic pros include:
  • Best players on the ice
  • NBC able to promote NHL games (it covers)
  • Entice new fans to NHL hockey

Olympic cons include:
  • Disruption of NHL season
  • Compressed NHL season
  • NHL/teams not allowed to use any highlights on their websites (possibly can be negotiated)
  • NHL teams/league/sponsors have no regular access to players (e.g., "daily" 5 minute interviews for team/league fans, "parties" with fans/sponsors; possibly can be negotiated)
  • Little say in length/format of hockey schedule
  • Potential for injuries/insurance
  • No benefit to league/teams for releasing players ($$/reciprocation)
BS on the bolded parts. Why the frak would they need highlights on their site when those are available on the national broadcasters sites and later on Youtube? Do they not think their fans have the brain capacity to find it if it's not on their site?

NHL decided the crappy schedule for Nagano which basically screwed Slovakia, the schedule is created upon the time which NHL releases it's players. You can't make it any stricter for sure, you'd only create a bigger risk of injury for players and much worse quality hockey.

Every hockey fan in Europe can with full honesty say that the Olympics is the ONLY time major medias outside the major hockey markets, and some times in them, care about hockey. That interest has always followed to the rest of the NHL season, with papers and media folowign the Olympics heroes performances. If that is not a benefit, some one is being very blind or ignorant.

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