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Originally Posted by BluejacketNut View Post
How do you calculate the odds on those? What does it mean for the +475? It also shows the over/under as (-115)...just not sure what they mean
It has to do with amount wagered to win an additional $100 (-), or what $100 would net you (+).

For the Pacific Division, their odds are:
Phoenix Coyotes +800
San Jose Sharks +275
Los Angeles Kings -125
Dallas Stars +800
Anaheim Ducks +800

What that means is that $100 on any of Phoenix, Dallas, or Anaheim would get your $100 back, plus $800 if they actually win the division. San Jose would return an additional $275. But for Los Angeles, which is -125, it means you'd have to bet $125 to get your cash plus $100. That's how the +/- works in sports betting.

The odds themselves are calculated in-house. The idea of a sportsbook (the sports betting section in a casino) is to split the cash 50:50. Since even odds are normally -105 or -110, they're guaranteed to win if the cash gets split. If that means that 5,000 people bet $100 on one thing to happen and one guy bets $500,000 on the other, the casino is happy. So they try to find that perfect spot to split where the money is likely to go. Sports Illustrated actually did an article on how this is done a few years back; I think it was called "The Perfect Number".

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