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Originally Posted by sarcastro View Post
Blyleven was good, but he put up most of his stats in the 70s when there was much less offense than in the 80s. Actually when you look at the stats, Blyleven and Morris compare fairly closely if you adjust for the lower scoring overall in the 70s (Blyleven's 80s ERAs were elevated like Morris') and for the extra couple of seasons he had because he made the show a little younger.

Morris also had 7 top 10 Cy Young finishes compared to Blyleven's 4. On the "best of his time" argument, I recall people saying similar things about Jim Rice before and after he got elected - his numbers aren't elite overall but he had a few dominant seasons, and he's in. And without any of the postseason success that Morris had.

I just don't get why some guys with stats that obviously don't stack up to the super-duper HOF guys get in, and other guys with nearly identical stats don't get in. Makes no sense. I can buy that Barry Larkin should be in, but if he's in, Tram has to be in too. Ditto for Morris and some of the comparables I mentioned.

If you're not going to put in anyone from the Steroid Era, you might as well let in the guys like Tram and Morris. Otherwise the next 20 years or so are going to be extremely light for inductions.
to be fair, Blyleven was 29 in 1980 while Morris was only 25. Morris spent more of the 80s in his prime while Blyleven was in the second half of his career- and Blyleven still posted better K and walk rates, and at least a comparable whip (admittedly I'm just not up to plugging all of those numbers into a calculator right now). This isn't to say I don't want Morris in the Hall, I'm still fine with it, but Blyleven was a helluva pitcher, and I think his case is much stronger than what was built up for guys like Dawson and Rice.

I'm with you on Tram, though. I still think the only contemporary who was clearly better was Ripkin. Smith was great defensively, but his bat was horrible. And Yount spent half his career in centerfield. I have to wonder if Trammell would have benefited from a move to the outfield in his thirties. He might have been able to stay healthier and amass larger numbers.

RIP David
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